Dodgy Mountain Men to Bring Montana Stompgrass with a Bite!

Dodgy Mountain Men to Bring Montana Stompgrass with a Bite!
Genre Experimentation * Outlaw Stompgrass * Mason Jar Melodies

The Dodgy Mountain Men have a penchant for sonic exploration and live performances.  These performances build to a fever pitch concocting emotion that will make moonshiners proud and compel dancers to wear out the soles of their shoes.  Boasting strong dynamics, bold songwriting and a rowdy live-energy feel, the sophomore debut of the album, Changing Lanes, is the work of a band who has heard the calling of the road and responded with song. 

According to the band’s website, this energetic band “slings a home-brewed Montana stompgrass that goes down smooth but packs a bite, mixing the rhythms of bluegrass, the soul of the blues and the energy of rock ‘n’ roll with a plethora of other musical traditions to create a unique electro-acoustic experience.”
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The group’s genre-bending experimentation and passion for American roots traditions weave together.  The band’s sound emphasize their lyrical storytelling, creating a musical frontier rife with empty mason jars, outlaws, gypsy women and cold Montana storms.

Gone Gone Gone by Dodgy Mountain Men

DMM released their debut album, Stronger than Death, in 2012, and their follow up record, Changing Lanes, is a testament to the evolution of the group from a sideways folk outfit to a fully-recognized band pushing the borders of Americana.  Dodgy Mountain Men have toured from coast to coast, bringing their energetic sets to festivals.

These dodgy mountain men are sure to entertain with their sonic sound.