FarmJam Festival Announces Band and Online Tickets

The first-ever FarmJam Music & Camping Festival is independent (also known as indie) in a major way. Festival producers announced the first of many more bands to come. With the release of tickets, festival producers stated, “The vision is simple.  We provide a highly visible and professional platform for quality original music to be seen and heard globally.”  What sprung from that foundation is the Northwest’s premier independent festival that spotlights indie music in a major way. 

Red Dirt Rangers headline FarmJam 2019With more than 100 performances in 2018, the first indie band to officially headline the festival is the longstanding Red Dirt Rangers.  The Red Dirt Rangers have carried the banner for Red Dirt music since before the band’s founding in 1988 at a two-story, five- bedroom, funky old place called the Farm.  Ben Han, John Cooper, and Brad Piccolo became an integral part of the Farm’s musical brotherhood, trading songs and licks with the likes of Jimmy LaFave, Tom Skinner, Bob Childers and Randy Crouch.

As Rangers mandolinist-vocalist Cooper has noted, “The Farm was as much an attitude as a physical structure. It allowed a setting where freedom rang and all things were possible. Out of this setting came the music.”  The mission of FarmJam is to support indie bands like the Red Dirt Rangers, who forge their own original path.  For 2019, bands apply on the festival’s website for free.  There are three more band announcements.  Band announcements include a very popular headliner before the free-spirited, independent festival opens the gates Labor Day Weekend in 2019.

Cooper, said, “True American music has always been independent. Anywhere you look you see it. Jazz and blues from the Mississippi river towns like New Orleans, Memphis, and St.Louis.”  When talking about independent music and music diversity, Cooper further stated, “Western Swing, Cajun, Tex-Mex, Funk, Folk, Bluegrass, Rock n Roll, Country, Soul, Grunge, Rhythm and Blues is happening in places like Athens, Minneapolis, Austin, LA, Seattle, Tulsa, NYC…it goes on and on.” According to festival producers, this festival celebrates those styles by offering a diverse lineup.

With the advent of technology and volatility of the music business, indie music is becoming more popular and a better way for bands to be successful or profitable in time.  Building a fan base is challenging for indie bands.  Restrictions from major record labels inhibits the freedom to write and record songs.  Major record labels are layered in personalities and politics.  Cooper added, “Independent music will always be made. Cause that’s what independent musicians do. Make their music, their way, for themselves and their people.”  The free spirit of America and independent music go hand in hand.

Tickets on Sale Now! Click the ticket image or go to for the Early Bird special.

A limited supply of Early Bird tickets are available for this family-friendly event.  Early Bird ticket sales will last until the end of September 2018.  These tickets are currently only $60 for an entire weekend of music with free parking and camping.

Due to the cost of production for quality bands and other entertainment, adult ticket prices will gradually increase with each announcement.  Music fans should buy Early Bird tickets, while supplies last.  With the purchase of an adult ticket,children under 5 are FREE with even more extremely affordable tickets for other youth age groups.  The cost of tickets for children will not increase.  Tickets for the first-ever FarmJam can be purchased at

The festival producers further support local rural nonprofits that work endlessly to better the lives of those who need a helping hand.  Proceeds will benefit a variety of causes and the festival will announce the charities or other beneficiaries in the near future.  The festival will connect music lovers with new musicians, while bridging the farm community to promote agriculture and local food.