Incredible Female Singer, Faren Rachels

Incredible Female Singer, Faren Rachels
No Fear, High Energy * Singer/Songwriter

The FarmJam lineup continues to WOW fans with original music and rising stars further contributing to the festival’s moniker, INDIE in a MAJOR way.  Faren Rachels is the latest musician to join the roster of major original and independent musicians.  And, she joins an all-star cast adding to the diversity of the lineup and rising female singers on the FarmJam stage.

Faren Rachels isn’t afraid.  This fact permeates throughout everything she does in life and her career.  She earned her toughness growing up in the small town of Sparta, GA, where her community was so tight-knit that her graduating high school class consisted of just twelve students.  It was during these formative years that she gained an appreciation for the great 90’s female artists of country music.

Rachels owned and drove her own drag racing car. After graduation she attended the University of Georgia, where she put together her own band. From there she settled in Nashville five years ago.

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Faren is on her way to stardom. Her self-titled album features four songs out of five co-written by her. Most of the songs came from when she was still in her publishing deal and writing with a lot of other people.

Fans can expect to see Faren Rachels on tour with Luke Combs on the Don’t Tempt Me with A Good Time Tour.  She is one of three openers for Combs on his tour, and she knows her job is to get people ready for Luke.

The FarmJam lineup includes pop, rock, reggae, Americana, and country with more rock and roll announcements on the way

With more music to announce, the current lineup has Chase Rice headlining FarmJam and the festival will host The Wild FeathersHayes CarllRed Dirt RangersJohn FullbrightBlackfoot GypsiesMicky & The MotorcarsCasey RyanDevon WadeWhitney RoseWill PorterBryant LamarThe StyleesThe Last Chance Band, and international talent, Blake Noble.  Bands can apply on the website for consideration in future lineup announcements, promotions, and advertising. 

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