The Lineup

First round of bands will be announced September 7, 2018.  There will be two more announcements in 2019.  Band registration opens the end of September 2018 to play the first-ever FarmJam™ Music & Camping Festival 2019.

Get tickets.

Early Bird tickets are on sale for the first-ever FarmJam™ Music & Camping Festival 2019.  This will be the only time to get extremely affordable tickets at one low price for an entire weekend of music and fun.

What to Expect

For more information on the complete experience and vision for the first-ever FarmJam™ Music & Camping Festival 2019, click here.  Vendor registration will open in 2019.


More about ticket options...

There will be opportunities for day passes and upgrades as the festival date nears.  Early Bird tickets will be the BEST ticket price and are limited.  For more information about ticket options, click here.

Meet your favorite artist.....

The great thing about our festival is the bands, artists, and entertainers are also attendees.  Visit them in the band merchandise area located by the main stage or upgrade your ticket to VIP to get behind the scene.

FarmJam Volunteers Make it Happen